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Our kennel Krasny sen was registered in 1994. At that time we were into sharpeis. Our last sharpei female Chelsea is the one, who made us west highland white terrier breeders.
How did it actually begin? Chelsea became the only dog in our family. She was used to live in a pack so we decided to find her a friend. There was a problem, because Chelsea wasn't friendly to all dogs. She choosed by her self, when we were at our vet. We met about four months old female of westie. They were friends at first sight. It was decided, who will be the next member of our family. We were looking for a breeder of purebreed WHWT. We found a nice breeder and her pack of westies. At that time there was one last girl left. Little Bonny arrived to her new home in the end of August 2001. Everyone was excited, Chelsea and our kids the most.
Sharpei girl was very lazy and sleepy since puppy age. Little Bonny was happy, cheerful and playful scamp. It was very big and beautiful change for us. We will never forget the day, when Bonny left us forever. On 25 th July 2001 Bonny died.
After one week of crying, sorrow and my promise that no dog more will come to our place and Chelsea will get old at rest, we brought with help of Bonnies breeder new whwt girl to our home. Doesn't matter what was her name in pedigree, we called her Bonny. Since 21st September 2001 new Bonny is at home, whole family is happy and Chelsea as well.
Half year later there came a suggestion: What about to have one westie more? The suggestion had been accepted and in the beginning of August 2002 we brought home, from the same breeder, our Kacenka. Within few days our garden and housed have changed comletely - old Chelsea is chasing after one year old Bonny and little Kacenka is running behind them. They are everywhere in kids bedroom, bathroom and the most in our beds. What can we do, when we allowed them to do it?
Time is running and Chelsea became old lady, Bonny took a part on few shows and succesfully became allowed to have puppies, Kacenka is in puberty. We plan mating and first litter. It came sooner than we expected and within two months we had small puppies. There was great interplay between our pack - puppies were growing up, no one atacked anyone, Chelsea and Kacka were very busy. When the time came our puppies left for their new homes and few weeks later our Chelsea went the way of all flesh. We missed her very much. Kacka has grown up and began to be shown and got registration of breeding bitch and we had our second litter. Our enthusiasm for shows and breeding of whw was so big that we brough home our third girl, Gina, in the end of September 2005. Before Gina came to our home, Bonny had had her second litter.
Destiny of our kennel is written and if it is possible we will breed and take care of our westies with love and smile on our face.

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